To use the following codes simply hold down Ctrl and type iguana to enable the cheat mode. Alternate for version 1.06+ is to hold Ctrl and type in GABBI. Here are the cheats:

Display units and objects - Alt + E

Teleport selected Merc to pointer location - Alt + T

Kill all enemies in current sector - Alt + O

Refresh action points of the select Merc - Alt + D

Ammo refill - Alt + R

Item scrolling- Alt + W

Spawn enemy at pointer location - Alt + B

Spawn Civilist at pointer location - Alt + C

Spawn new Merc at pointer location - Alt + G

Spawn Roboter at pointer location - Alt + Y

Spawn enemy bug at pointer location - Ctrl + O

Merc transforms into bug - Alt + Keypad 2

Merc transformed into big bug - Alt + Keypad 5

Merc placed in wheelchair - Alt + Keypad 4

Spawn random weapon at pointer location - Alt + I

Explode a gas grenade at pointer location - Alt + K

Explode a hand grenade at pointer location - Ctrl + K

View interior of all buildings - Alt + Q

All Mercs in current sector arrested by Bad Queen - Ctrl + T

Merc at pointer location loses health points- Ctrl + H

Merc at pointer location gains health points- Ctrl + U

Display frame rate - Ctrl + F

Merc Changes to Tank - Alt + Keypad 1

Teleport troops to Selected sector (use at map screen) - Ctrl + T

Add $100,000 (use at laptop screen) - Plus (+)

Subtract $10,000 (use at laptop screen) - Minus (-)

Kill all enemies (use at map screen) - Hold Alt and click "Go to Sector" icon  

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