This page contains CD-Game Copy Protection utilities and tools which you can use to manipulate the games protection and allow for a working backup copy of your game, keeping the original CD safe from damage.

The CD-Copy Protection utilities and tools below come with a brief description and what they can do.

Daemon Tools Lite 32 Bit/64 Bit v4.30.1 (3.52MB)

Daemon Tools is a virtual CD/DVD-Rom optical storage media emulator. It is able to emulate nearly all known copy protections on the market today, allowing you to play your games without the CD/DVD in the drive and allowing your CD's/DVD's to be kept safe from damage.

New to this version:
Bugs fixed:
- Image engine fixes
- B6T images and mini-images mounting fixes
- Languages updates

To get 3rd party add-ons for Daemon tools which you may need for your computer click here.

Previous Versions:
Daemon Tools Lite 32 Bit/64 Bit v4.30.0 (4.56MB)
Daemon Tools Lite 32 Bit/64 Bit v4.12.3 (3.53MB)
Daemon Tools Lite 32 Bit/64 Bit v4.12.2 (3.52MB)
Daemon Tools Lite 32 Bit/64 Bit v4.11.2 (3.40MB)
Daemon Tools Pro Basic 32 Bit/64 Bit v4.10.0216 (8.49MB)
Daemon Tools 32 Bit v4.09 (1.72MB)
Daemon Tools 64 Bit v4.09 (1.88MB)
Daemon Tools v4.0.8 (1.44MB)
Daemon Tools v4.0.6 (1.45MB)
Daemon Tools v4.0.3 (1.37MB)
Daemon Tools v4.0 (1.39MB)
Daemon Tools v3.47 (492KB)
Daemon Tools v3.44 (489KB)

Checkice v1.0 [English] (1.19KB)

Checkice is a program that checks that the softice drivers are hidden or not. It does this by trying to verify if the softice drivers are in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS directory. Checkice checks the three Softice drivers (SIWVID.SYS, SIWSYM.SYS & NTICE.SYS) and than reports if checkice has found them or not. Many anti-Meltice tricks try to hide these drivers and you can use Checkice to see if the program has hidden them.

ProtStop v1.1 (54.8KB)

ProtStop prevents SecuRom 7 or SafeDisc 4.7 from detecting your virtual devices.

SafeDisc 4 [English] Nightmare v1.4 (1.76KB)

SafeDisc 4 Nightmare has the ability to 'hide' your SCSI drives and any emulation software installed e.g. (Alcohol, CloneCD) from the eyes of Safedisc 4. With this program you can play your Safedisc 4 Game while you SCSI and emulation software is hidden from Safedisc 4, then when your finished, you can 'unhide' your SCSI drives and emulation software. Compatible with Daemon Tools.

Previous Versions:
SafeDisc 4 [English] Nightmare v1.3 (208KB)
SafeDisc 4 [English] Nightmare v1.2 (69.7KB)
SafeDisc 4 [English] Nightmare v1.1 (3.58KB)
SafeDisc 4 [English] Nightmare Beta (3.11KB)

Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom/SafeDisc Utility) v1.4.7080 (37.6KB)

Virtual driver hider for Daemon Tools 4.0.6.

This version is tested and works on:

- Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars v1.06
- Test Drive Unlimited v1.66A
- Rainbow Six: Vegas v1.05 (Does not require Y.A.S.U to play)
- Monster Madness v1.01
- Tomb Raider Anniversary (Demo)
- Heroes of Might and Magic V v1.05
- Armed Assault v1.07 (Beta 5154)
- Silent Hunter 4 v1.20
- Rayman Raving Rabbids v1.01
- Dark Messiah of Might and Magic v1.03
- GTR 2 v1.0
- F.E.A.R v1.08 (Retail)
- Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter v1.30
- Prey v1.10
- SpellForce 2 v(unknown)
- FIFA 07 v(unknown)
- Need 4 Speed: Carbon v(unknown)

Previous Versions:
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom/SafeDisc Utility) v1.3.7070 (31.4KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom/SafeDisc Utility) v1.2 Build 7060 (32.5KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom/SafeDisc Utility) v1.2 Build 7050 (29.8KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom Utility) v1.1 Build 7035 (28.2KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom Utility) v1.1 Build 7033 (28.7KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom Utility) v1.07 (20.9KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom Utility) v1.05 (16.9KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom Utility) v1.04 (17.1KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom Utility) v1.03 (17KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom Utility) v1.02B (17.2KB)
Y.A.S.U. (Yet Another SecuRom Utility) (14.6KB)

SecuRom v7.26 Loader (47.8KB)

SecuRom loader for v7.26, works for the newly released SecuRom version 7.26 on games such as Reservoir Dogs.

AlkiSecuROM v1.0 [ENGLISH] (86.6KB)

As the new SecuROM 7 was Blacklisted, the CureROM curerom.dll) and the Daemon's antisecurom, we needed to modify to unblacklist the files. Avoids the blacklisting of Daemon tools by the new version of SecuROM.

CloneCD 5 Fan Profiler v1.01 [German/French] (1.49MB)

The CloneCD 5 Fan Profiler will select the correct read and write functions when copying a protected game with CloneCD 5 and will allow for a perfect 1:1 backup copy to be copied correctly error free. The current version is up to date with the SafeDisc 4.0 protection system

SecuROM v7 Loader v1.2 (43KB)

SecuROM v7 Loader assists in loading a SecuROM v7 protected game.

StarForce Tools By Reloaded [English] (594KB)

StarForce protection tools enabling you to create your own No-CD patches for StarForce protected games, note that these tools are for medium to advanced programmers/dissemblers. Included in the pack are tutorials on the protection system.

CureROM [English] v2.0.3 Pro (550KB)

CureROM hides your SCSI CD-ROM's from being detected by the SecuROM v7 and SafeDisk v4 protections and enabling emulation of such protected games.

Previous Versions:
CureROM [English] v2.0.2 Pro (536KB)
CureROM [English] v2.0.1 Pro (517KB)
CureROM [English] v1.3.1 (515KB)
CureROM [English] v1.3.0b (518KB)
CureROM [English] v1.2.2 (382KB)

CureSecuROM [English] (146KB)

CureSecuROM is an application which will remove SecuROM registry entries from you computer. These entries/keys may cause some games to fail to start.

Daemon Tools v4.0.3 x64 (1.64MB)

This version of Daemon Tools supports x64 platforms only.

Previous Versions:
Daemon Tools v4.0 x64 (1.65MB)

m7mD Remover v1.0 [English] (22.9KB)

Avoids blacklisting of burn/emulation software, such as Daemon Tools when running a game image.

SafeDisc 4 Blocker v1.0 [English] (928KB)

SafeDisc 4 Blocker enables you to run a SafeDisc v4 backup image from a virtual drive (Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% etc.).

SafeDisc 4 Hider v1.1 [English] (160KB)

SafeDisc 4 Hider is a tool which enables you to emulate SafeDisc v4.60.000 protected games that would otherwise not be able to be emulated due to SafeDisc v4.60.000, which features a new blacklisting method which blacklists Daemon Tools.

New features to this version are:
-Added command line support.
- SafeDisc 4 Hider v1.1 creates a registry backup at the first start which is never touched again (just in case you mess up your registry).

Previous Versions:
SafeDisc 4 Hider v1.0 [English] (159KB)

SecuROM 7 Burner Loader v1.0 (115KB)

SecuROM 7 Burner Loader allows you to play a SecuROM v7 game from a CD/DVD Burner/Writer drive without the request to put the CD in another drive, which is a common problem with most PC's and SecuROM v7 games, it also allows you to have Daemon Tools v4 installed on your PC.

Anti Blah (Yet Another Anti-SecuROM v7 Registry Trick) v1.0 [All] (114KB)

Anti Blah will allow you to mount a SecuRom v7 mini image with Daemon Tools v3.47 or Alcohol 120%. Works in combination with Maxi Mini Backup Images.

TETRIS (Twins Emulation Tool Released In Summer) v1.1 (38.8KB)

TETRIS is a twin-sectors emulator. Can be used to make fully working backups of some protected games, one notably being Tages.

Previous Versions:
TETRIS (Twins Emulation Tool Released In Summer) (37.6KB)

StarForce Anti File System Blocker (158KB)

Allows you to play StarForce protected backup games.

StarF*ck Tools v0.83 (1.15MB)

StarF*ck Tools enables you to play a StarForce protected game from a Mini Backup Image. It works by disabling CD/DVD Rom drives, without having to unplug IDE cables.

Previous Versions:
StarF*ck Tools v0.81 (2.70MB)

StarForce Nightmare v1.12 (234KB)

Like StarF*ck Tools, StarForce Nightmare tools enables you to disable your CD/DVD Rom drives (which is the basis of the StarForce protection).

Previous Versions:
StarForce Nightmare v1.01 (145KB)

Virtual CD Hide v1.0.0.4 (21.7KB)

Virtual CD Hide can hide your virtual CD-drives from SecuRom 5.x and 7.x.

Anti Blaxx v1.18 [ALL] (495KB)

Anti-Blaxx allows you to run an anti-emulation protected game without having to uninstall the emulation software, such as CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, Blindwrite and Daemon Tools.

The Anti-Blacklist software hides the installed emulation software, so that the installed emulation software does not have to be uninstalled to run the game.

Previous Versions:
Anti Blaxx v1.17 [ALL] (446KB)
Anti Blaxx v1.16 [ALL] (263KB)
Anti Blaxx v1.15 [English/German] (492KB)

SR7.Stop v1.2 (10.7KB)

Prevents the SecuRom v7 protection from detecting any virtual devices such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% when emulating a game.

Previous Versions:
SR7.Stop v1.0 (64KB)

FastMount v2.0.1.82 (608KB)

You can link different Image types directly to Daemon Tools with this Tool - just right-click to the image you want to mount.

BWA Edit v1.0 (73.9KB)

BWA Edit allows you to edit .bwa Topology images.

StarForce Drivers Removal Tool v1.0 (18.8KB)

Removes any StarForce drivers that may have been installed from a StarForce protected game and remain on your PC after the game has been uninstalled..

MIR (Mini Image Ripper) v1.0 (17KB)

MIR will enable you to make a mini backup image of your original game, and therefore the CD will not be required to run the game and can be kept safe from damage.

Safedisc 2 Cleaner v1.2.0 (58.9KB)

Safedisc 2 Cleaner is a great little tool used to unwrap a SafeDisc/SafeCast 2 protected file by permanently removing the protection from the games exe files. This version is able to support SafeDisc 2 v2.60.52.

CDMage [English] v1.02.1 (551KB)

CDMage extracts Iso, Bin, Img, Virtual CD formats and more. Also converts between them.

UnSafedisc 2 v2.40.10 (330KB)

UnSafedisc 2 is a tool used to unwrap a SafeDisc 2 protected file by permanently removing the protection from the games exe files.

SafeDisc 2 Cleaner v1.1.2 (44.8KB)

Safedisc 2 Cleaner is a great little  tool used to unwrap a SafeDisc/SafeCast 2 protected file by permanently removing the protection from the games exe files.

BetaBlocker v1.01 [English/German] (31.6KB)

BetaBlocker is able to remove any "weak" sectors from a SafeDisc v2 protected CloneCD image and therefore bypass the games protection enabling  an error free copy. This version of BetaBlocker is able to defeat the latest SafeDisc v2.51.xx

UnSafedisc v1.5.5 (12.7KB)

UnSafedisc is a tool used to unwrap a SafeDisc protected file by permanently removing the protection from the games exe files. Updated version of the previous v1.5, includes the updated SafeDisc protections.

UnSafedisc v1.5 (9.29KB)

UnSafedisc is a tool used to unwrap a SafeDisc protected file by permanently removing the protection from the games exe files.

CD-Cops Decrypter v2.1 (32.8KB)

CD-Cops Decrypter is a tool that removes the CD-Cops protection from most CD-Cops protected applications.

BlindWrite Tweaker v1.5.6 (151KB)

BlindWrite Tweaker is a utility for Blindwrite which can load profiles as well as save profiles for better more accurate backups.

BlindRead v2.03 (271KB)

BlindRead is a great software utility which comes in handy when you are burning games with protections on them.  CD formats which it can burn include: Audio, Playstation, and Sega Saturn.  BlindRead can bypass all of the CD-Copy Protections on this web site except for the more newer Protections such as SafeDisk 2.

PlayBackup v2.1 (317KB)

PlayBackup enables you to play SafeDisc 2 & SecuRom protected games from a backup CD you created.

UnSecurom v1.0 (50.3KB)

Unsecurom will remove the Securom Protection form any Securom Protected game which is very helpful! 

Unsecurom is currently only compatible with Windows 95/98/ME.

UnSecurom NT XP and 2000 v1.0 (31.8KB)

Unsecurom will remove the Securom Protection form any Securom Protected game which is very helpful! 

This version of Unsecurom is compatible with Windows NT XP and 2000.

CD Image Converter v1.10 (162KB)

CD Image Converter will convert almost any CD image into another format.

Un-CD Check v1.0 (35.7KB)

Un-CD Check removes some of the CD checks from a lot of the older games before 2001. Won't work with all games but a lot of the popular ones.