Trainers are small programs/patches which modify the game so that certain things become available or unlocked just like a cheat but even better. Some examples of the things trainers can modify in the game are unlimited money, unlimited gold, unlimited food, unlimited wood , unlimited ammo, unlimited health etc. These can make the game much more easier to complete especially if you become stuck with something in the game, trainers can also make the game much more fun, even if you have completed the game without them, imagine what you can do with unlimited bullets, health, resources etc. The + means how many options the trainer has e.g. Sims +3 could be 1 for unlimited lives, 2 for money, 3 for health etc. (3 options). You can also get Unlockers, Unlockers will unlock levels, extra missions, cars, characters and more and also available are Save Game Editor's, with Save Game Editors you can edit any of the saved games you have, you can manipulate the saved games by increasing health, resources and more. Most trainers on this website come with instructions when you download them and are very easy to use. For most you just simply run them, then start the game and hit the corresponding keys to access the trainer options. They work buy running in the games run-time memory and changing byte patterns. With Unlockers you usually replace an existing file with the edited one. If you want to make your own trainers then go to our Hot Game Tools section to download the trainer maker-tools.

To extract the files on this site you need the latest most up-to date version of WinRAR to extract the files. To get WinRAR go to For other files you can also use WinAce. To get the latest version of WinAce go to: And you can also use WinZip from