Tages first entered the CD protection scene a number of years ago, it wasn't used on many games, and was a very basic form of protection for today's standard (it was however good for its time), it is now one of the most complex.

Tages main technical asset is its specific mastering process, which builds up a programmable "secure area" on CD's and makes 1:1 copies near impossible. The secure area, which is made up of several independent data registers (each of about 4KB), shelters the game developers own selected data inserted into it in the form of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This allows the game developers to program as many independent multiple and fully customizable authentication checks throughout the entire application. Examples of this can include: a key to unlock a door, not working when it should, guns not firing, depleted health, in-game textures of poor quality, which slowly degrades the game until it is no longer playable. Because of this secured area, the game developer can program specific protections into any file including exe's, DLL's, and data sets. The Tages protection is also effective not only during the loading process but also during the entire execution of the program due to the API's.

Tages also allows for game developers to release versions of their games "regional specific", meaning versions of the games released in different countries contain a  different  protection method, which makes a "Generic Game Fix" impossible to use.

You can visit the Tages website here.

Detection Of The Protection

You can use the latest version of ProtectionID to successfully detect if this protection is being used.

Burning/Backup Solution

The only way to successfully create a backup copy that can be played from a CD is to use a "Fixed Exe" from the PC Game Fixes section, in which the entire Tages protection has been completely removed from the various exe, dll and data files, this includes the API checks, which is very important, as the game-play will progressively degrade if not successfully removed.

Another method protecting your original CD's from damage and backing up your game is to use a CD Emulating tool, these tools will create a virtual drive on your computer, and the entire game application and protection will be emulated to your hard drive, where it can be run from your hard drive without the need for the original CD, which will protect it from damage. The tools/software which can emulate your games are Alcohol120% and Daemon Tools, as long as these two tools have not been blacklisted by the latest Tages version your game has, then they will be able to emulate the game. If it has been blacklisted you will need to wait until the programs fix the blacklist for the version, which normally comes in an updated version of the software. Tages can be hard to emulate as it is very difficult for the emulators to do all the steps such an emulation process requires when tages is present.