SecuRom *New* Trigger Functions

Another feature recently added to the SecuRom *New* protection range is called "SecuRom *New* Trigger Functions" developed by Sony this protection allows game developers to program multiple and fully customizable authentication checks throughout the entire application. This protection can be activated at any time during normal game-play, the game will slowly degrade until it cant be played anymore, with such features as in-game textures not loading, in-game sound effects not loading and also the game crashing at certain major or important events during a game for no apparent reason. The feature dynamically arranges and rearranges the programmed code in a way which requires a bit-by-bit search to find the hidden checks making reverse-engineering attempts not only time-consuming but highly complicated.  
A later release of a protection based on this is soon to be unveiled by Sony called "Metamorphosis". If you want to learn more about the official release of SecuRom * New* Trigger Functions click here.

Detection Of The Protection

Detection of this protection is unknown at this stage. The coded protection is embedded in various files including exe's and dll's. If anyone has a known method of detecting this protection please let us know here.

Burning/Backup Solution

Unknown as of this stage. Like stated above, the coded protection is embedded in various files including .exe's and .dll's. If anyone has a known method of backing up games with this protection please let us know here. Like with the FADE protection, because this form of protection only initializes when a counterfeit or "copied" game is recognized, then the best way to get around this protection is to make a 1:1 copy that emulates the original, however the SecuRom *New* protection will almost always be present and used in combination with the SecuRom *New* Trigger Functions, so you will have to get around that to make the 1;1 copy.  If the code has been fully reversed (such as in No-CD's and Fixed Exe files) then these files can be used to backup the game.