Below is a list of PC Games and what protection they have. 

For directions on burning games with protections on them (see below) click here

If the game you are looking for isn't listed here then it means that either 1) The game has no CD-Copy Protection on it, or 2) The game has not been analyzed by us to see what protection is on it.  If you want to find out what protection is on your game then go to our CD Protection Identifying tools page.

*Please note that this page is no longer updated, to make a more complete, updated list, there is a forum, please see here

PC Protected Games List

Games Name/Title

Protection On Original CD

Quack Attack SafeDisc
Quake None
Quake 2 None
Quake 3: Arena None
Quest For Glory 5 CD Checks
Racing Simulation 2 CD Checks
Rage SafeDisc
Railroad Tycoon II SafeDisc
Railroad Tycoon II The Second Century SafeDisc
Rainbow Six SafeDisc
RalliSport Challenge Safedisc 2.70.030
Rally Championship 2000 Securom
Rally Championship 2002 SafeDisc 2
Rally Championship Extreme None
Rally Masters CD Checks
Rally Trophy CD Checks
Rayman CD Checks
Rayman 2 LaserLock
Real War LaserLock
Real War - Rogue States Unknown??
Red Faction None
Redline SafeDisc
Resident Evil CD Checks
Resident Evil 2 CD Checks
Resident Evil 3 SafeDisc
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Unknown??
Revolt Securom
Riding Star None
Ring II SecuRom New v-
Robin Hood (Spain Version) Custom Ring Protech
Rogue Spear SafeDisc
Rogue Spear - Black Thorn SafeDisc 2
Roland Garros - French Open 2000 Unknown??
Roll Cage CD Checks
Roll Cage Stage 2 CD Checks
Roller Coaster Tycoon SafeDisc
Roller Coaster Tycoon: Loopy Landscapes &Corkscrew Follies CD Checks
Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 SecuRom New v-
Rugby 2001 SafeDisc
Rune SafeDisc
Rune Gold Securom
S.W.I.N.E. None
Sacrifice SafeDisc 2
S.A.G.A: Rage of the Vikings Securom R5
Salt Lake 2002 SecuRom New
Sat 1 - Superball None
Satanica CD Checks
Scart 3000 LaserLock
Schizm None
Serious Sam (German Version) SafeDisc
Serious Sam (US Version) None
Serious Sam 2 - The Second Encounter Safedisc 2.51.021
Settlers 3: Quest of the Amazons ProtectCD
Settlers 4 SafeDisc 2
Severance - Blade of Darkness SecuRom New
Shadow Company Unknown??
Shadow Of Destiny SecuRom New  v-
Shadowman Securom
Shanghai Second Dynasty CD Checks
Sheep Unknown??
Sheep Dog ´N´ Wolf SecuRom New
Shogo LaserLock
Shogun None
Shogun - Total War Safedisc 1.41.000
Silent Hill None
Silent Hill 2 Unknown??
Silent Hunter SafeDisc
Silver Securom R4
Sims, The SafeDisc
Sim City 3000 Securom R4
Sim City 3000 Unlimited Safedisc 1.41.001, Illegal TOC, Overburn, CD Checks
Sim City 4 Safedisc 2.80.010 (Both CD's)
Sim Coaster Safedisc 2.05.030
Sim Golf SafeDisc 2
Sim Theme Park Safedisc 1.35.000
Sim Theme Park Gold Edition Unknown??
Sinistar Unknown??
Skat 3000 LaserLock
Ski Park Manager None
Smackdown 2 None
Snow Storm None
Soccer Manager SecuRom New v-
Soldier Of Fortune None
Soldier Of Fortune 2 - Double Helix None
Soldiers Of Anarchy SecuRom New v-
Soul Reaver SafeDisc
Soul Reaver 2 SafeDisc 2
South Park Securom R4
South Park Chef`s Luv SecuRom New
South Park Rally CD Checks
SpecOps LaserLock
Spec Ops 2 - U.S. Army Green Berets CD Checks
Speed Boat Racer Europe SafeDisc
Speedbusters SafeDisc
Speed Challenge - Jacques Villeneuve's Racing SafeDisc 2
Speed Demons Unknown??
Speed Freaks Unknown??
Spiderman - The Movie SafeDisc 2
Spirit of Speed SafeDisc
Splinter Cell Safedisc 2.80.011 (CD 3 Only)
Star Trek - Armada None
Star Trek - Armada 2 None
Star Trek - Away Team SafeDisc 2
Star Trek - Birth of the Federation SafeDisc
Star Trek - Bridge Commander SafeDisc 2
Star Trek - Dominion Wars None
Star Trek - DS 9 The Fallen SecuRom New
Star Trek - Elite Force SafeDisc 2
Star Trek - Klingon Honor Guard None
Star Trek - New Worlds Unknown??
Star Trek - The Fallen SafeDisc 2
Star Trek - Voyager Elite Force Safedisc 1.50.020
Star Trek - Voyager Expansion Pack SafeDisc
Star Wars - Battle of Naboo SafeDisc 2
Star Wars Droids SafeDisc
Star Wars - Force Commander CD Checks
Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds Unknown??
Star Wars - Jedi Knight 2 Unknown??
Star Wars - Phantom Menace SafeDisc 2
Star Wars - Racer CD Checks
Star Wars - Rebel Assault Unknown??
Star Wars - Rebellion SafeDisc
Star Wars - Rogue Squadron 3D Unknown??
Star Wars - Starfighter Unknown??
Starcraft None
Starcraft - Broodwar None
Starlancer SafeDisc
Starship Soldiers SafeDisc
Starship Titanic None
Starship Troopers Unknown??
Startopia SafeDisc 2
Stephen King's F13 Unknown??
Street Wars SecuRom New
Stronghold (German Version) Safedisc 2.60.052
Stronghold - Crusader (German Version) Safedisc 2.70.030
Stupid Invaders SafeDisc 2
Sub Command SecuRom New
Submarine Titans SecuRom New
Sudden Strike CD Checks
Sudden Strike 2 Safedisc 2.70.030
Sudden Strike Additional Missions CD Checks
Sudden Strike Forever SafeDisc 2
Summoner Unknown??
Superbike Securom R4
Superbike 2000 SafeDisc
Superbike 2001 SafeDisc
Superbike World Championship (German Version) Securom
Superbike World Championship (US Version) CD Checks
Supercar Street Challenge Unknown??
Supreme Snowboard Securom
Swat 3 - Close Quarters Battle Safedisc 1.50.020
Swedish Touring Car Championship 2 SafeDisc 2
Syberia Safedisc 2.80
Sydney 2000 Safedisc 1.50.020
System Shock 2 SafeDisc
TA: Kingdoms SafeDisc
Tachyon - The Fringe SafeDisc
Tactical OPS - Assault on Terror CD Checks
Tarzan Securom
Team Apache Securom R2
Techno Mage SecuRom New
Tennis Master Series ProtectCD
Test Drive 4 CD Checks
Test Drive 5 CD Checks
Test Drive 6 SafeDisc
Thandor - The Invasion ProtectCD
The Amazing Labyrinth CD Checks
The Curse Of Monkey Island SafeDisc
The Divide - Enemies Within None
The Devil Inside SafeDisc
The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind Safedisc 2.51.021
The Fallen SafeDisc
The Final Of Curse SecuRom New
The House of The Dead Unknown??
The House of The Dead 2 Unknown??
The Italian Job Safedisc 2.60.052
The Longest Journey Unknown??
The Mummy None
The Settlers IV Safedisc 2.10.030
The Sims Safedisc 1.40.004
The Sims - Livin Large Safedisc 1.50.020
The Sims - House Party Safedisc 2.10.030
The Sims - Hot Date Safedisc 2.40.010
The Sims - Vacation Safedisc 2.51.021
The Sims - Unleashed Safedisc 2.80.010
The Sims - Deluxe Edition Safedisc 2.72.000
The Sum Of All Fears Safedisc 2.60.052
The Thing SecuRom New v-
The Ward SafeDisc
Theme Park Inc SafeDisc
Theme Park Manager SafeDisc
Theme Park World SafeDisc
Three Kingdoms None
Throne Of Darkness Unknown??
Tiger Woods Golf 2002 Safedisc 2.51.020
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 Safedisc 2.80.010
Timeline Unknown??
Timon & Pumbaa's Jungle Games None
Tivola None
Toca CD Checks
Toca 2 Securom
Tom And Jerry - Fists Of Fury SafeDisc 2
Tom Clancy´s - Black Thorn SafeDisc 2
Tom Clancy´s - Ghost Recon SafeDisc 2
Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Safedisc 1.00.026
Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 - Covert Ops SafeDisc
Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 - Eagle Watch SafeDisc
Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 - Rogue Spear Safedisc 1.30.010
Tomb Raider None
Tomb Raider 2 None
Tomb Raider 3 Unknown??
Tomb Raider 4 CD Checks
Tomb Raider 5 - Chronicles (English Version) CD Checks
Tomb Raider 5 - Chronicles (German Version) SafeDisc 2
Tony Hawks Pro Skater CD Checks
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 Safedisc 2.05
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 SecuRom New
Total Annihilation - Kingdoms Safedisc  1.11.000
Total Club Manager 2003 Safedisc 2.80.010
Total Immersion Racing Safedisc 2.80.010
Toy Story 2 Unknown??
Trade Empires SafeDisc 2
Trains And Truck Tycoon Safedisc 2.51
Train Simulator SafeDisc
Trainz SafeDisc 2
Trespasser None
Tribes 2 Securom
Trick Style SecuRom New
Triple Play 2001 SafeDisc
Triplex None
Tropico Unknown??
Truck Racer Unknown??
Truck Racing None
Turok 2 Securom R4
Tweenies SafeDisc 2
Twixtel SafeDisc 2
UEFA Challenge LaserLock
UEFA Champions League 2001/2002 SecuRom New
UEFA Manager 2000 CD Checks
Undying SafeDisc 2
Unreal None
Unreal 2 - The Awakening SecuRom New v- (CD 2 Only)
Unreal Tournament Safedisc 1.35.000
Unreal Tournament 2003 SecuRom New v-
Unreal Tournament 2003 2136 Patch Update SecuRom New v-
Unreal Tournament 2003 2166 Patch Update SecuRom New v-
Unreal Tournament 2003 2186 Patch Update SecuRom New v-
Unreal Tournament 2003 Patch Update SecuRom New v-
Unreal Tournament 2003 (Taiwan & China Version) SecuRom New v-
Unreal Tournament 2003 (Taiwan & China Version) 2166 Patch Update SecuRom New v-
USAF SafeDisc
V8 Challenge (Dick Johnson V8's) Safedisc 1.35.000
V.I.P SafeDisc 2
V-Rally 2 SecuRom New
Viper Racing CD Checks
Virtual Deep-sea Fishing None
Virtua Tennis None
Virtual Pool 2 None
Virtual Pool 3 Safedisc 1.50.020
Virtual Resort - Spring Break SecuRom New V-
Viva Football SafeDisc
War and Peace StarForce 3
War Commander Safedisk 2.51
War of the Worlds Securom R3
Warcraft 2 Unknown??
Warcraft 2 - Battle Net None
Warcraft 3 - Reign Of Chaos (English Version) SecuRom New v-
Warcraft 3 - 1.01 Patch Update SecuRom New v-
Warcraft 3 - 1.02 Patch Update SecuRom New v-
Warcraft 3 - 1.03 Patch Update SecuRom New v-
Warcraft 3 - 1.04a Patch Update SecuRom New v-
Warcraft 3 - 1.05 Patch Update SecuRom New v-
Warcraft 3 - Reign Of Chaos (German Version) SecuRom New v-4.68.00 5162
Wargasm Securom R3
Warlords Battlecry 2 SafeDisc 2
Warhammer 4000: RoW SafeDisc
Warm-Up Grand Prix 2001 Unknown??
Warrior Kings LaserLock
Wartorn None
Warzone 2100 SafeDisc
Wendy 3 None
Western Front SafeDisc
Wheel Of Time Safedisc 1.35.000
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire SafeDisc
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (SE) Safedisc 2.30.033
Wing Commander 3 - Heart Of The Tiger None
Wizardry 2 Unknown??
Wizardry 8 Safedisc 2.40.010 (CD 3 Only)
World Championship Snooker Securom
World War 2 CD Checks
World War 3 - Black Gold Securom
Worms None
Worms 2: Armageddon SafeDisc
Worms World Party Unknown??
X - Beyond The Frontier Unknown??
Xena - Warrior Princess None
You Don't Know Jack 2 SafeDisc
You Don't Know Jack 3 SafeDisc
Z2: Steel Soldiers SafeDisc 2
Zeus SafeDisc 2
Zoo Tycoon Unknown??

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