Cheat mode

Choose "Teleport to Mission" From the "Load Game" menu and enter the password "L O S R" (the second character is zero) You'll get a message that says "Invalid Passcode" but the cheat mode will be in affect anyway. Now start a new or saved game. At any time during the game, hold R1 and press O to refill your health and energy. This also gives you 2,000 extra credits, all of the items and all of the weapons with ammo.

"Mamma's Boy" Passwords 

Mission 5-TD5S

Mission 10-X5GZ

Mission 15-JFM4

Secret "Realtime"  Mission-LRTN

"Weekend Warrior" Passwords

Mission 5-VD5S

Mission 10-Z5GZ

Mission 15-KFM4

Secret "Realtime" Mission-MRTN

"Loose Cannon" Passwords

Mission 5-WD5S

Mission 10-05GZ

Mission 15-LFM4

Secret "Realtime" Mission-NRTN

"No Remorse" Passwords

Mission 5-XD5S

Mission 10-15GZ

Mission 15-MFM4

Secret "Realtime" Mission-PRTN

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