10 Extra Lives

See the little polar bear in front of the door that leads to the "Bear It" stage in the second warp room? If you body-slam the critter five times in a row, you'll get ten extra lives.

Secret Levels

To access Level 26: Totally Bear, ride the bear cub in Level 15: Un-Bearable until you get thrown off at the end of the stage. Do a long jump to go back across the chasm and return to the cub to warp to the first secret level.

To access Level 27: Totally Fly, fall into the pool of water in the latter half of Level 16: Hangin' Out, then walk backwards instead of advancing past the checkpoint box. You'll fall into another hole that leads to a "Hanging" area with flying spikey creatures. while Crash is hanging, use the O or R1 Button to lift his legs up and allow the spiked guys to pass below him; take it slow, advancing only one "step" for each enemy "lap." If you get through, you'll be warped to the second secret level.

Bring Back Bosses

If you've already defeated a boss but you want to fight him again just for fun, hold the Triangle button when the platform to move between the different floors of the warp room.    

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