Manual Control

During a battle, press the Select button to bring up the display menu, then press the Select button 11 times. You'll see the last option on the menu change from "Camera" to Action". Highlight this new option and press X to change the setting from "Automatic" to "Manual"; now you can control your OKE as follows:

Up, Down-Move forward, backward

Left, Right-Turn left and right

L1+ Left-Move left

L1+ Right-Move right

L1+ Up-Change altitude up

L1+ Down-Change altitude down


Triangle-Jump up

Triangle + D-pad-Jump forward backward, left, right

X-Fire Main Weapon

R2+ Triangle-Fire Sub Weapon

R2+ X-Fire Sub Weapon twice

R2+ O-Fire Sub Weapon three times

R2+ Square-Fire Sub Weapon four times

If you're in battle with one or more allies and you use the L2 button to view a different OKE, you will take control of that OKE and the one you were controlling before you pressed L2 will revert to automatic control.

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