After starting a skirmish game or multiplayer mode press Enter to get up the message box. Press + then enter a code below and press Enter to activate it. Enter a code again to deactivate it:

atm - Fill Mana

bigbrother - Unit say different lines when moved

bps - In multiplayer shows bps transfer rate

cdstart - Start/Stop Music

clock - In-game clock

combustion - Enemies Die

contour<1-15> - Show a 3D contour type

control<number> - Use a different skirmish AI

dither - Dithering instead of line of sight

doubleshot - Weapons do 2x damage

fogcolor 1-256 - new fog color

halfshot - Weapons do half damage

honk - Honk sound when units stop

ilose - Lose Instantly

infrared - Toggle fog of war

iwin - Instant win

kill<0-4> - Kill player #

light - Hide shaded object; all buildings dark

logo 1-9 - New logo color

lotsablood - More Blood

lushee - Limited resource increase

makeposter - Screen shot of map in .BMP format

mapping - Dark screen

meteor - Random meteor shower

nanolathing - Nanolathing and metal using doubled

noenergy - No energy

nometal - No metal

noshake - No screen shaking during explosion

nowisee - Full map; disable line of sight

quit - Exit to windows

radar - 100% radar coverage

reloadaiprofiles - Reload AI

rollingfog - Toggle fog with 3d video cards

screenchat - Toggle chat text in multi-player

seti - Toggle radar mini-map

sfx - Toggle sound effects

sharemapping - Share radar information

shareradar - Share radar information

shootall - Units target all enemies

showranges - Hold Shift to show range of pointed unit

sing - Units sing when given orders

switchalt - Press number keys to change squads

tilt - Maximum men and material

view<number> - View selected players metal and energy

zipper - Faster unit building  

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