*Note: There are many Cheat Additions with the v1.0.0.999 Patch of the original 
"The Sims 2". 

Also, the *2* Expansion Packs added new sets of Cheat Codes, which only 
work for those Expansions.

Most of the Cheat Codes listed here will function on both the 
"University" & "Nightlife" Expansions. However, these codes were found 
specifically in the Nightlife executable file. Certain options for 
certain codes may Require both of the Expansions to be installed.

Cheats (case insensitive):

Open the game Cheat Console:
Hit Ctrl-Shift-C (hold Ctrl & Shift, then press C).

A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor.

Enter your codes.


You may type PART of a command (such as the first few letters) and then hit 
the TAB key to fill in the best matching command (ala 4DOS/4NT woot woot). 
Also, the Up/Down arrow keys cycle through previous commands.

The various Codes can be ineffective in certain areas of the game. 
For instance, some Codes are only effective on the Neighborhood Screen, 
while others require a Family to be loaded & a person to be selected.

Type "exit" or hit the ESCAPE key to leave the console:

Cheats are case insensitive:

AgeSimsCheat [on|off] AgeSimsCheat

aging [on|off] - Turns aging on or off

aspirationLevel [0-5] Sets the aspiration level of the selected sim.

aspirationPoints [num] give the selected sim some extra aspiration 
reward points.

autoPatch [-on|-off] enable or disable checking for available 
patches via content browser

bloom [R G B X] Changes color of screen visual. RGB is color 
[0,1], and X is the bloom amount [0,1]. 
Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

changeLotZoning [residential | community | greek | dorm | secretsociety]
changes the zoning type of the lot.

deleteAllCharacters This cheat will delete all characters in the current 
neighborhood; it also only works when in the 

exit Close/Hide the cheat console window (Escape works also)

expand Expands or contracts the output portion of the cheat 
console. The Tilde key, ~ , has the same effect.

faceBlendLimits [-on|-off] turns on / off facial blending limits

familyFunds Use 'familyFunds [familyName][value]' to set the 
amount of funds. 
Use 'familyFunds [familyName] [+/-][value]' to 
add/subtract from current funds.

filmGrain [X] X is the film grain value [0,1]. 
Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

help [wildcard] [-all] Logs this help output.

h [wildcard] [-all] Logs this help output.

letterBox [X] letterbox the screen (add black borders on top and 
bottom). X is the letterbox value [0,0.4]. 
Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

lockAspiration [on/off]: Locks/Unlocks the aspiration score of sims 
on the lot.

maxMotives Sets all the motives to maximum for all sims on the lot

motiveDecay [on/off]: Turns motive decay on/off for all sims on the 

moveObjects [on|off] Allows user to move objects that are normally 

roofSlopeAngle [15 - 75] Slope Angle in Degrees (45 is default)

setHighestAllowedLevel [level] Sets the highest allowed level

setLotLightingFile [filename.txt] or [clear] override some of the 
parameters present in the lighting.txt file with 
filename.txt file present in lights folder, clear 
clears if any file is present

showHeadlines [on|off] - Shows/Hides all thought bubbles, speech 
ballons etc

slowMotion [0-8] slows the animation timer (0=normal speed)

stretchSkeleton [factor] stretches skeleton of the selected Sim - 
factor=1.0 indicates no stretch (factor<1.0 makes 
shorter, factor>1.0 makes taller.

terrainType Changes terrain type (Temperate/Desert/Dirt/Concrete).
Assume Syntax is: terrainType TYPE
Example: terrainType Concrete

unlockCareerRewards Unlocks all career reward objects for the selected sim.

vignette [centerX centerY X] Blur rendering from specified 
center (upper left is 0,0, lower right is 1,1). X is 
the amoung of blurring [0,1]. 
Must use 'boolProp enablePostProcessing true' first.

vsync [on|off] Enables/disables vertical sync - can improve 
performance, but will sometimes cause visual artifacts 
if off

kaChing Increase family funds by $1,000

motherLode Increase family funds by $50,000

clear Clear the console window

hide Close/Hide the cheat console window (Escape works also)

history <Unknown Effect>

debug <Unknown Effect>

<Many More> [purge if else elseif endif set]
There are many alias/scripting related commands, but we 
do not believe they will help you cheat.

The Sims 2: Nightlife Cheat, Cheats, Code and Codes, The Sims 2: Nightlife Cheat, Cheats, Code and Codes

The Sims 2: Nightlife Cheat, Cheats, Code and Codes, The Sims 2: Nightlife Cheat, Cheats, Code and Codes