Cheat Screen

To enable the cheats push and hold the following buttons- Shift, Ctrl, Alt, C That will get you to the cheat screen now enter one of he following:

You also can enter multiple cheats at once by typing a ; between cheats.. such as the following for money "klapaucius; !; !; !; !" etc

KLAPAUCIUS- gives you 1000 dollars (Does not work in Version 1.1)

WATER TOOL- you can put water around your home

CAM_MODE - Camera Toggle

MUSIC - Music toggle

SOUND - Sound toggle

HTML - Web page creation toggle

SOUNDEVENT - Toggle sound event

RELOAD_PEOPLE - Total reload of skins, animations, suits, people

SET HOUR- set (1-24) what time you want to get up

SIM_LIMIT <milliseconds> - Set max milliseconds for simulator

SETSPEED- (-1000 to +1000)

SIM_SPEED <-1000-1000> - Set sim speed

INTERESTS- it will let you change your personalitys and interests

AUTONMY- let's the sims to think on their own (0-100)

GROW GRASS- make the grass tall or short


MANSION - The Best House

BUBBLE_TWEAK <Z offset> - Set thought bubble z offset

ASSERT - Force assert to test

SIM_LOG END - Stop sim logging

SIM_LOG BEGIN - Start sim logging

DEBUG_SOCIAL - Show social dialogue choices

DRAW_ORIGINS - Show person's origin

DUMP_HAPPY - Send person's recent interactions to file

DUMP_MC - Send person's motive contribution curve to a file

EDIT_GRASS <number>- Make grass change value

LOT SIZE <number> - set lot size

EDIT CHAR - Create a character mode

DRAW_ROUTES ON - Show person's route

DRAW_ROUTES OFF -Show people's Route off

HISTORY - Save family history file

HIST_ADD - Add new family history stat to family

IMPORT <FAM File> - Import Family file

VISITOR_CONTROL - Toggle to control visitors with keyboard

LOG MASK - Set event logging mask

DRAW_FLOORABLE ON - Enable floorable grid

DRAW_FLOORABLE OFF - Disable floorable grid

MAP EDIT ON-self explanitory on

MAP EDIT OFF-self explanitory off

MOVE_OBJECTS - Move any object

PREVIEW_ANIMS ON - Preview animations on

PREVIEW_ANIMS OFF - Preview animations off

PREPARE_LOT - Fix required lot objects

ROTATION <number 0-3>- Rotate camera

ROUTE BALOONS ON - Enable basic tutorial

ROUTE BALOONS OFF - Disable basic tutorial

LOG MASK - Event logging mask set

DRAW ALL FRAMES ON - Draw all frames

DRAW ALL FRAMES OFF - Disable draw all frames

TILE INFO ON - Show tile info

TILE INFO OFF Hide tile info

SWEEP ON - Enable ticks

SWEEP OFF - Disable ticks

Repeat Last Cheat Typed In

Press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + C then ! - Repeats last cheat code entered. To do more than one repeat type in !;!;! , etc. As many as you like.

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