To use/enable these cheats you first have to press \ or BACKSPACE to enter message mode, then type !when all else fails... to enable cheat mode. You can then enter one of these cheats:

!captain scarlet


!full monty

Invincibility + Items

!stay frosty

Get Sarge a ForceField


Gets 30 Insecticide Spray

!harsh language

Gets 20 Fly Swatters

!here's a lockpick...

Get Unlimited Flame Napalm


Get Sarge a Laser Rifle

!this one goes to eleven

Gets 3 Napalm Strikes


Get 3 SpaceMen Renforcements

!hey stifler

Get Unlimited Glue

!one time...

Get 3 Baseballs

!spiny norman

Get 3 HammerMines

!let me down

Drops Sarges Health to almost 0

!pump me up

Get Sarge a Steriods Boost

!rate me

Show FPS


Get Unlimited Air Attacks

!the meek

Lose Scenario

!cut to the chase

Win Scenario


Changes the Enemy Troops Into Zombies

!time for bed

Lose Scenario

!mona lisa

Gets Random Item


Gets Unlimited MediKit

!johnny ricco

Gets 3 Paratroopers

!peep show

Gets 3 Recons

!heavenly glory

Gets 3 Air- Strikes


Gets A Sniper Rifle


Gets Unlimited M80's

!hey dante

Unlimited Aerosol

!the sun

Unlimited Magnifying Glass

!whistle and flute

Get Sarge a Flak-Jacket

!i woke up this morning

Gets 9 Blue Disguise

!no sunblock

Gets 9 Tan Disguise


Gets 9 Grey Disguise

!i got two words for ya...

Gets A Mine Sweeper

!haunt haunt haunt!

Gets 10 Explosives


Gets 30 Mines

!i like to keep this handy

Gets Unlimited Bazooka

!patty melt

Gets Unlimited Flame Thrower

!you want some

Gets Unlimited Grenades

!disco inferno

Sets Sarge on fire (But Doesn't Harm Him)

!disco is dead

Extinguishes Sarge's Fire

!no one expects

Summons a Horde Of Enemy Troops

!italian job

Sets Off A Huge Explosion Around Your Sarge

!its dark

Hides All Enemy Troops on Mini-Map


Teleports Sarge to Cursor Location

!only human


!sarge calibur


!there is no spoon

Show Enemies on Map

!know your role...


!hello neo

Heavy Laser

!vic fontaine


!oh behave




!game over


!when all else fails...


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